Mouthtomouth magazine: lipservice, Spring 2003

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Still from Unstill,
Video Installation, 2001,
Inga McCaslin Frick
Gillian Brown and Inga McCaslin Frick:
Each/Other Vanishing Point, I Space
“Words will never do justice to the sheer visual poetry of this show. Suffice it to say, this was what you wish your dreams looked like: flickering superimpositions of moving images culled from lifetimes of memory, multiply projected on transparent scrims, glass lenses, and/or small sculptural forms molded from cheesecloth, casting magic lantern shows of longing, desire, and nostalgia on darkened gallery walls. Side by side, these artists acknowledged their kinship in fashioning densely layered, technically intricate, and unresolved narratives. Their room-sized audio visual collaboration, Each/Other, was the eloquent exception: an ocean swimmer — accompanied by recitations from Merleau-Ponty’s The Visible and the Invisible — approached her double reflection to achieve an apotheosis of confluence, a fleeting moment of transcendence in the struggle for integration of the authentic and projected selves. This was a rare exhibition: one we could look at forever.”
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