Video projection on dressform with sleeper.  56″ high

A video projection is directed upward from inside a pedestal/box onto a gauze-covered wire dress form. Parts of rooms — a ceiling, a suggestion of a door, a bed — are constructed in miniature within the torso of the form. The single video projection is intercepted by these variously transparent objects and is thereby divided into separate layers inside the torso. Like divided attention, the single beam seems to multiply as it alights on the different objects. A small sleeper stirs in bed while birds and an occasional piece of furniture fly above on the ceiling and roof. Projected forms glide across the gauze that covers and defines the outside wire dress form, while they also float across the restless sleeper within. The exterior figural form and the small sleeper within form a divided self; together they are observer and observed. Like the video beam, they are one and multiple.