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Video projection on sculpture by Gillian Brown, 12″ high on 48″ stand.

Inside a wireframe sculpture of a head hangs a translucent gauze nautilus shell in place of the brain. Onto this fabric is projected a stream of metaphorically connected imagery. In the beginning there is a series of birds from Renaissance Annunciation paintings which give way to birds in flight. (The depicted birds symbolized conception as they glided down the light rays into Mary’s ear.) A single bird enters an ear canal and disappears in a series of images including the cochlea, swirling fish, whirling dervishes, a coffee cup, a hurricane. Towards the end these vortices give way to an unfolding spiral diagram which spawns a Fibonacci series of numbers. Finally a bird reappears, this time a bird from Muybridge, winging its way across the disappearing spiral. The brain and its projections are reflected out onto two glass silhouettes which stand angled behind the head. On these darkly reflective surfaces the images multiply and are in turn reflected onto the dark walls behind.