The Shape of the Universe 2, a new work of projected video on a translucent sculpture, began with a fascination with higher-dimension geometric shapes from cosmology. Inside a wire cone, which conjures the structure of an expanding universe, are suspended four fabric and wire frame shapes. Three are of the mathematically possible geometries of the universe (a globe, saddle, and plane) and the fourth is a book, a reference guide providing, through its changing pages, formulae or counterpoints to what is about to be projected on the rest of the sculpture. The projected video imagery ranges widely in scale from the minute to the cosmic, from cell division to stars, and also in subject matter from the natural to built environments. Still moments intersperse with a more common generalized flux of movement ranging from traversing stars to water highlights to night time car lights on the highway. These passages are often accompanied, or overtaken, by mathematical diagrams/formulae relating to movement, chaos, or diagramming of cities and universes.

The wire cone shape, which encircles the other shapes, is around 4 feet tall and 4.3 feet deep. It is suspended in a dark corner 12” above a darkly reflective surface.

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