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Exhibit moves far beyond the camera

Videos can be really boring or fun. Gillian Brown is a master at making videos that embrace the arts and sciences in ways that make her works compelling. Never boring and beyond fun her “The Shape of the Universe” and “The Beginning of Language” projected videos are the bee’s knees.

For “The Shape of the Universe” Brown built an open structure of a house with a bed inside surrounded by a sphere and tetrahedron fashioned from wire.

When the video of a woman sleeping is projected onto the construction it becomes integrated and virtually disappears as a separate structure. The video contains a soundtrack of running water and is filled with star-laden galaxies, mathematic notations and geometric drawings all playing over the restless woman in bed presumed to be dreaming the floating imagery and water sounds.

Brown’s videos are gob-smacking good to watch and a touch of fun as well.

(excerpted from review of Private Universes/Personal Spaces)